UBRDEC Center Head Gregorio E. Santos Jr. discusses the importance of mangrove and its impacts on biodiversity conservation and mangrove planting activity participated by the Philippine Air Force (PAF).

The UBRDEC assisted the Philippine Air Force (PAF) in mangrove tree growing in Pagbilao, Mangrove Experimental Forest (PMEF) on September 4, 2020.  Lieutenant Colonel Alfredo G. Antonio, emphasized that their activity is more than just planting but they intend to grow and look after the mangroves they planted.

UBRDEC Center Head Gregorio E. Santos Jr. discussed the importance of mangroves as the first coastal defense from storm surges that protect the adjacent lands where coastal communities reside. These also support a number of threatened and endangered species and serve as nursery of the seas where fish and crustaceans are teemed. Moreover, mangroves play an important role in carbon sequestration.

Ms. Primitiva A. Galupo, Technology Transfer and Extension Unit Chief, on the other hand, introduced the UBRDEC to the participants as research center of ERDB that focuses on urban and biodiversity studies/researches. She also delivered the brief history of PMEF and how this place contributes to the rich biodiversity in Quezon.  To make sure that mangrove planting will be successful, she explained the proper mangrove propagation.

After the discussion the PAF member participants headed to the coastal area and planted a total of 400 mangrove propagules. Mangrove species planted were 200 Bakauan bato (Rhizophpora Stylosa), 100 Busain (Bruguiera gymnorhiza), and 100 Bakauan Lalaki (Rhizophpora apiculata).

Lieutenant Colonel Antonio pledged to maintain the mangrove they planted. According to him, they will closely monitor their planting site to make sure that what they planted will grow and contribute to biodiversity conservation not just in PMEF but in the province of Quezon. UBRDEC Center Head Santos confirmed his support to this endeavor and assured the PAF that the Center is always ready to provide technical assistance. Maria Yliese A Corpuz