The Technology Transfer Division (TTD) of the Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau (ERDB) conducted an online discussion of ERDB Technical Assistance (TA) Guidelines through Zoom from July 13 – 16, 2020. A total of 140 participants attended the said discussion.

During the opening message, Dr. Henry A. Adornado, ERDB Director, emphasized the importance of extension in the mandate of ERDB, “Hundreds of ideas, research findings and results, if not properly disseminated and shared to the clients are all meaningless.”, he said. He also mentioned that through everyone’s participation, he wishes to continue what he started during his previous term at ERDB, to make knowledge and information more accessible to the public, especially to the clients it serves.

The Revised TA Guidelines was discussed by four speakers. Adreana Santos-Remo, activity leader of the TA guidelines, briefly introduced the guidelines as well as the process involved in requesting each type of technical assistance. Liberty Asis, Section Chief of the Technology Promotion, Monitoring and Evaluation and Extension Section, discussed the definition of terms, types, clients, and how to request for technical assistance. Myline  Aparante, Community Development Officer of TTD, expounded on the importance of evaluation forms or the Client Satisfaction Survey. Lastly, Juan B. Ebora, Chief of TTD, highlighted the importance of Memorandum of Agreement.

Presentations were followed by an open forum that paved way for bringing out concerns from the lecture as well as contextualizing the guidelines suited for the RDECs or technical divisions.

Relative to the technical assistance provided by ERDB to various clients, Assistant Director Mayumi Quintos-Natividad coined TA’s AEIOU corresponding to five adjectives that describe ERDB as: A for Approachable, E for Experts, I for intellectual, O for organized, and U for understanding. According to the Assistant Director, these are the traits that seem to be inherent to ERDB experts/personnel which should be sustained as the bureau continues to provide technical services to its clients. Allysa Marie C. Federio, TTD