For. Imelda T. Ngaloy of WWRRDEC conducting tree health assessment of Jacaranda trees.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Watershed and Water Resources Research, Development and Extension Center (WWRRDEC) rendered technical assistance by inspecting the Jacaranda (Jacaranda sp.) trees on Feb. 26, 2020 at the Camp John Hay in Baguio City.

The activity was undertaken  in response to the memorandum dated February 24, 2020 from the Regional Executive Director of DENR-CAR requesting the assessment of the health of Jacaranda trees and recommend ways on how to improve the growth of the said trees.

Dr. Peir Luigi Vitalini, resident in the area requested the inspection because he was concerned with the health condition of the trees which he had planted.

Foresters Imelda T. Ngaloy and Janice B. Otana, thus, assessed the health condition of the trees.

Based on the assessment, it was observed that the stems of the trees were girdled caused by the rope used to bundle the branches. Scars were also noted in the main stems, adding stress to the trees.

To avoid the entry of pest and diseases, it was recommended that pruning and tree surgery as well as fertilization be undertaken for tree health improvement.

An inspection report was then forwarded to DENR-CAR for their reference. Further, the scheduled tree surgery was deferred due to the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. JB Otana, WWRRDEC