UBRDEC conducts information, education, and communication (IEC) activities on mangrove rehabilitation participated by LGU Pagbilao from Brgy. Brgy. Palsabagon and Brgy. Pinagbayanan (L-R) on March 2 and 11, 2020 respectively.

To effectively implement the project on Development of Pagbilao Mangrove Experimental Forest Station, the Urban and Biodiversity Research, Development and Extension Center (UBRDEC) held two information, education and communication (IEC) activities on mangrove rehabilitation for its partner Local Government Units (LGUs). The said event was participated by the LGUs in Pagbilao, Quezon from Brgy. Palsabagon and Brgy. Pinagbayanan on March 2 and March 11, respectively.

UBRDEC recognizes the importance of the participation of the community for the success of the project, hence, IEC activities were held. The Pagbilao Mangrove Experimental Forest (PMEF) was discussed to the participants as well as the importance of its maintenance. The participants from the said Brgy. Palsabangon and Brgy. Pinagbayan, 38 and 24, respectively, were composed of Barangay Council, fishermen, farmers, other members of the community and the Captains of Barangay Palsabangon, Mr. Rodelo M. Merle and Barangay Pinagbayanan, Mr. Renan A. Salles. The participants were encouraged to protect and conserve the mangrove by explaining its benefits to the participants especially those who are residing near the PMEF and along the coastal area.

Ms. Primitiva Galupo (left) and Ms. Judy Anne Guttierez (right) discussed the importance of mangroves to our environment and introduced the UBRDEC initiatives on mangroves rehabilitation to encourage the LGUs participation.

Ms. Primitiva A. Galupo, UBRDEC’s Chief of the Technology Transfer and Extension Section (TTES) introduced the UBRDEC to the participants and shared the Center’s mission and vision. Ms. Galupo explained the important relationship of mangrove to people, fish and other animals to attain rich ecosystem. She also added that mangroves protect the coastal area from tidal waves and storm surge floods.

To further engage the participants in mangrove rehabilitation, Ms. Judy Anne Guttierez, one of the UBRDEC’s researchers, discussed the Center’s projects and activities on mangroves. She emphasized that the cooperation of the participants will have big impact in the protection and conservation of the mangrove.

The 62 participants signified their interest in mangrove rehabilitation. They committed to join the UBRDEC by being a catalyst of the information they gained from the activity especially on importance of mangrove and on how they can be protected and conserved to other members of their community, be an inspiration to others in planting mangroves and be a steward in protecting the PMEF from poachers for the valuable mangrove resources that it has which help in sustaining productivity of the adjacent sea where many fishers depend for livelihood. Maria Yliese Corpuz, UBRDEC.