A tree which serves as lamp post and found to have been strangled with vines at the Saint Louis High School.

The WWRRDEC (Watershed and Water Resources Research, Development and Extension Center) staff conducted health assessment of different tree species on March 2020 within the vicinity of the ICM House of Prayer, Baguio City.

During the ocular inspection, the WWRRDEC researchers found that most of the Benguet pines and other tree species experienced stress.

Some of the trees were used as electric posts, for hanging telephone lines and for hanging plants.

Seven (7) Benguet pine trees dried up due to Ips calligraphus, an insect pest.  It was also noted that the dead trees were decaying which may cause danger to lives and properties.

One Agoho tree with 70 cm. diameter and a height of 18 meters that leans towards the school building of Saint Louis High School was observed to be dead due to strangulation with vine species.

Thus, the WWRRDEC staff recommended the immediate sanitation cutting of the dead infested trees to prevent the spread infection to healthy trees subject to existing DENR laws, rules and regulations. Imelda T. Ngaloy/Linda B. Sauyen, WWRRDEC