Photos of the TTD team and the WWRRDEC-Baguio personnel during the Branding Workshop.

The Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau (ERDB) conducted a branding workshop on March 6, 2020 at the WWRRDEC in Baguio City. Fifty (50) WWRRDEC personnel attended the workshop

The learning providers and facilitators came from the Technology Transfer and Extension Division, of ERDB as follows: Mr, Johnny Ebora, TTD Chief, Ms. Liberty Asis, Ms. Adreana S. Remo and Ms. Jonah Garcia. They presented an introduction to branding process. The newly-developed ERDB logo with tagline was also presented.

Ms. Asis emphasized the importance of branding in the creation of an identity and the proper use of the new logo of ERDB. After the presentations, there was an open forum to discuss and clarify details on branding.

A workshop facilitated by Ms. Minda S. Odsey, TTES Section Chief, followed afterwards. The participants were divided into seven (7) groups and were tasked to prepare designs of collaterals using the ERDB logo.

At the end of the workshop, each group presented its outputs to a panel consisting of the resource speakers, Ms. Helen A. Maddumba, WWRRDEC Center Head and Ms. Odsey. Many collaterals presented were praised and approved by the panel.

Ms. Helen A. Maddumba closed the training with heartfelt thanks to all lecturers and participants. The training program was conducted successfully and all the participants took active part in all the lectures and activities done during the training. Carissa C. Collado, WWRRDEC