WWRRDEC Center Head, Ms. Helen A. Maddumba (center) together with the representatives of the two POs during the turnover of the symbolic keys of responsibility of the technology transfer project.

The Watershed and Water Resources Research, Development and Extension Center (WWRRDEC) formally turned over the three technology demo areas established in two (2) sites (Mankayan, Benguet and Boliney, Abra) to Society’s Awareness on Livelihood and Environmental Needs for Growth (SALENG) Inc. and Bao-yan Farmers Association, respectively during the project exit of the Green Livelihood Technologies (GLT) for Poverty Alleviation and Watershed Rehabilitation on January 21, 2020 at the WWRRDEC office in Loakan Road, Baguio City. The two (2) People’s Organizations are partner stakeholders of WWRRDEC under said technology transfer project. Ms. Helen A. Maddumba, Center Head welcomed and thanked the projects’ partner stakeholders from DENR – CAR, DTI – CAR and FASPS. The project exit was declared formally by Forester Socrates A. Bartolo of FASPS after the presentation of project accomplishment by the project leader, Ms. Minda S. Odsey.

Keys that symbolize the way forward activities were turned over by the Center Head, Ms. Maddumba to various stakeholders. Mr. Azer Gayac-o of SALENG, Inc. and Ms. Jenelyn Sangoy of Bao-yan Farmers Association accepted the keys for the continuous protection and maintenance of the technology demonstration areas. DENR – CAR represented by Atty. Cleo Sabado- Andrada, ARD for Management, accepted the key for continued technical assistance under its CBFM project since the established technology demonstration areas were within CBFM area. DENR – CAR field offices, PENRO Benguet represented by Ms. Leonora Garcia and PENR Officer of Abra, Engr. Benjamin Ventura also accepted the key for the continuous monitoring of the maintenance and protection of the said areas which are located within their areas of responsibility. The said areas are the technology demonstration areas for ornamental bamboos and wild tea in Cabiten, Mankayan, Benguet and technology demonstration area for tiger grass in Bao-yan, Boliney, Abra.

In her message, Attorney Cleo Sabado – Andrada challenged DENR – CAR for accepting the responsibility of monitoring the project. Since this is a project which does not only aim to rehabilitate degraded areas but also provides livelihood to the organization involved, Atty. Andrada called the attention of PENRO Abra, Engr. Benjamin Ventura, CDD personnel Ms. Maria Trinivic Silang and other DENR personnel who accepted the way forward activities of the project. WWRRDEC. DTI – CAR represented by Ms. Andrea Tactay, accepted the challenges for the continuous provision of marketing support, skills training support and product development.

All the way forward activities turned over by WWRRDEC and accepted by various stakeholders were the outputs of the way forward workshop conducted under the GLT Project. Margeline Q. Diano, WWRRDEC