“Shanum”, WWRRDEC’s newly launched mascot promotes the protection and conservation of water and watersheds in Baguio City.

In celebration of the environment month, the Watershed and Water Resources Research, Development and Extension Center (WWRRDEC) launched “Shanum”, the research mascot for water and watersheds. “Shanum” serves as the partner and ambassador of the Center in its advocacy, promotion and transfer of technologies that would improve the forest cover and the quality of water, as well as increase the water yield of watersheds. The mascot personifies how the forests within watersheds (symbolized by the green leaves) nurture water, which is symbolized by its blue body. It intends to stamp in the minds of the people that the quality and quantity of water depends on green watersheds.

With recent trends in the valuation of resources which are becoming scarce, the Philippine Government has started the social marketing of resources. Mascots personify brands. With the introduction of “Shanum” to water and watershed stakeholders, WWRRDEC started its own branding process to personify water and watersheds which shall be strengthened within the next five years as “Shanum” buzzes its way through personal appearances to stakeholders and through social media.

With its launching on July 3, 2019 at the Peoples’ Park, Malcolm Square, Baguio City during the Talakayan sa Parke and Techno Exhibit, “Shanum” officially joined WWRRDEC in building and nurturing relationships with watershed communities and water users needing technologies and in other research, development and extension activities. Shanum will be seen in research sites and in all technology transfer events of the Center. The Center will soon be opening an online advisory for “Shanum” within the web page of WWRRDEC to enable it to get in touch with online water and watershed stakeholders.

Shanum”, the friendly water and watershed research mascot of WWRRDEC also welcomes all requests for public appearances from environmental partners and stakeholders. A request letter addressed to WWRRDEC Center Head, Ms. Helen A. Maddumba and a commitment to plant trees during their visit are needed for “Shanum’s” public appearance. A vehicle to fetch the mascot from WWRRDEC, Loakan Road, Baguio City will also be required. Minda S. Odsey, WWRRDEC