Left photo: Engr. Teresa Salanguit talks about the phytoremediation project. Right photo: The participants of the 1st ELTAG meeting.

On February 27, 2019, THWRDEC-TPPEU facilitated the 1st ENR Livelihood Advocates Group (ELTAG) Quarterly Meeting at the Biodiversity Management Bureau (BMB) in Quezon City.   The activity is regularly undertaken to ensure the smooth and continuous partnership between the DENR-ERDB-THWRDEC and the Metro Manila LGUs.  Attendees of the meeting comprised of 29 representatives(14 males and 15 females) LGU representatives-members of ELTAG. One of the highlights of the meeting is the presentation of  updates on ENR related activities being implemented by the Metro Manila LGUs.

Engr. Teresa S. Salanguit  presented the technologies generated from the results of the study.  She discussed the phytoremediation scheme – “floating garden” as well as the pollutant-absorbent plant species (PAPS) for polluted waterways. The presentation also included the process for the establishment of floating gardens placed in polluted waterways.  Moreover, ENR technologies promoted and disseminated and its adopters from the previous years as well as the THWRDEC on-going projects for CY 2019 were presented during the discussion.

After the meeting, the participants had an actual glimpse of the vertical planting structures planted with PAPS inside the Biodiversity Management Bureau (BMB).  The vertical planting project is now replicated in front of the BMB North Avenue entrance.  The different amenities as well as the function halls of BMB were also visited.  THWARDEC