The Kawayan tinik and bayog infused with Hi-Q Vam 1 are growing and thriving very well in the drought-like condition area where they were planted.

A People’s Organization (PO) in Lupao, Nueva Ecija, the Lupao Uplanders Planters Association, Inc. (LUPAI) applied Hi-Q Vam I ( a biofertilizer developed by the ERDB-DENR) in their bamboo plantation inside their CBFM area and the result is very laudable. The bamboo plants composed of kawayan tinik and bayog, are growing and thriving extraordinarily well even as they were planted in a poor soil condition.

According to the PO officers, they said that the Hi-Q Vam 1 was infused in the soil when the bamboo propagules were planted sometime in 2013. In an ocular inspection conducted by the WWRRDEC staff last January 6, 2019, the bamboo culms were observed to be growing very well as compared to the other bamboo culms which  were not infused with the biofertilizer. As recalled by the PO, they only used one tablespoon of Hi-Q Vam 1 per bamboo planting stock but the result is extraordinary because the bamboo survived the seemingly drought-like condition of the area. In addition, the PO mentioned that when they also applied Hi-Q Vam 1 in some banana plants, they observed that more suckers grew, hence became more fruitful.

Relatedly, the PO is planning to plant more fruit trees in their CBFM area and are again requesting for Hi- Q Vam 1 to be infused in their fruit tree plantation as they have seen its wonderful effects. With these findings, the experience of the PO can thus be dubbed as a success story in using Hi-Q Vam 1. Diosdado A. Estigoy, WWRDEC