(Left photo): Professor Elsa Santos of UPLB College of Forestry discusses biodiversity research proposal preparation. (Right photo): UBRDEC technical and support staff with For. Gregorio Santos, Jr., UBRDEC Center Head (middle, front row) with Prof. Elsa Santos.

The Urban and Biodiversity Research, Development and Extension Center (UBRDEC) in Pagbilao, Quezon conducted a Strategic Planning Workshop & Effective Proposal Preparation for Urban and Biodiversity Research last November 5-9, 2018 to strengthen its capabilities in urban ecosystems and biodiversity research and formulate plans and policies for the following year.

Prof. Elsa P. Santos, chair of the Department of Social Forestry and Forest Governance, UPLB College of Forestry was invited as resource speaker in the event. Professor Santos gave a short course from November 5-6 on effective research proposal preparation with a special focus on biodiversity and urban ecosystems, the center’s fields of specialization. She also presented insights and ideas on research gaps and researchable areas in the aforementioned fields of study.

Thereafter, the research technical staff engaged in meeting and consultation sessions from November 7-9 to establish administrative policies such as: mission, vision and goals; organizational setup; vertical and horizontal authority relationships; functions. Emerson B. Ranara, LAUFTeRC