Volume 10 No. 3 – Some important Philippine plants with therapeutic value (Diabetes)
This issue of RISE is intended to generate awareness and interest on many plant species found in various parts of the country that could be tapped owing to their threapeutic value.
Among these, ampalaya, avocado and banaba are the better-known plants that can be used to treat diabetes. Based on available reading materials, there are many other plants that can be explored such as bankoro, bani, chichirica and dita which are hardly known to most people.
The information contained in this issue would be very informative to many individuals relying on indigenous medicinal sources especially in areas where supply of medicines is scarce but with the abundant supply of plants discussed in this publication.
Through this publication, we hope to encourage propagation of these plants in small or big scale along with more research efforts to ascertain their medicinal value and usefulness in the manufacture of commercial drugs for diabetes.
May our readers find this publication relevant to their varied interests.
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